The iPhone 6 Gets Wireless Charging

One of the most stand-out missing features of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and most anticipated of the iPhone 7 is wireless charging. All its major competitors have it and the likes of Samsung have included it with their flagship smartphones for several generations too. Now, I mentioned wireless charging several times in previous articles and had one or two comments about wireless charging being pointless. Let me tell you – it most certainly isn’t.

The ability to just place your iPhone into a stand and have it charge instantly with no messing around with cables is a fantastic feature to have. In addition, having a cradle or charging pad on your desk is a lot less unsightly than a bare cable too. Yes there’s still a wire involved as the charger needs to be powered, of course, but wireless charging is exactly how charging should be – cable-free and easy.

It’s so mess-free and easy in fact that wireless charging mats are being installed at various public locations and stores including Starbucks, where I often see people scrambling for the nearest power socket to charge their smartphones. Now, all you’d have to do is place your smartphone on the desk next to your latte and by the time you’ve finished and maybe snuck in a croissant or muffin, your device will likely have gained 50% charge or more.

Sadly, Apple fans will have to wait for a future iPhone for this useful feature, but with the Apple Watch already including it, there is some hope that the next iPhone could include it too. Till then, though, there are ways to give your iPhone 6 the ability to charge without connecting it to anything and the Skiva EnergySkin is one such device.

The EnergySkin actually has two extremely useful features. It not only allows you charge your iPhone 6 wirelessly, but the case includes a 3,000mAh battery so it doubles as a portable battery charging case too, giving you an additional 120% or so battery power – in other words, if your iPhone battery dies, you can use the EnergySkin to charge it to full, and then again to another 20%.